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I have this thing with perfect.

Not perfectionism.

And you would see what I mean if you peeked behind cupboard doors, counted my junk drawers (and then tried to search for birthday candles), looked in my closets (I have a shoe problem), checked under the beds (dust bunnies, boxes, and missing socks), and in my brain (scary).

Perfect kept me bound to people-pleasing tendencies, daily self-recrimination, and side-stepping to the throne of God rather than walking boldly in to receive his grace.

I’ve expanded my original series because there are too many of us hiding behind a gossamer shield of perfect and that is no protection.

The Kicking Perfect ebook is a seven day journey to “Kicking Perfect” out of our life. Each day includes a devotional reading, scripture references, and reflection and life-application questions.

I’ve also created bonus content that you won’t find in the ebook: A Scripture and Coloring Journal to correspond with Kicking Perfect. In it you will find places to journal your responses to the reflection and application questions along with a coloring page highlighting the key idea of the day’s reading.

The ebook “Kicking Perfect” is free on Amazon and iTunes.

The Bonus Content is a pdf file and you will receive the download link as a thank-you gift for subscribing. You can access the Kicking Perfect Bonus Content by clicking here.

I have some cycles I need to break in my life and I’ve discovered that the more I welcome grace into my life the more power I have to overcome the attitudes, behavior, and the past that would love to have it’s way in my life.

Do you have cycles you would like to break? Is transformation by the renewing of your mind a two-steps forward, one step back kind of dance? Would you like to journey with me down this path of breaking cycles and welcoming grace?

I would be honored if you would allow me to journey with you and offer you weekly encouragement.


Jessica of Welcome Grace






Kicking Perfect, a journey through the best break up of your life.

Do you get tired of the pressure to be perfect? I did. So I decided to kick perfect to the curb and I want to help you find freedom from it in, Kicking Perfect, a journey through the best break up of your life.

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