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determine to know

Sometimes I just can’t believe the truth.

I can’t believe that there is a love that is great enough to die and live for me.

I can’t believe that I am chosen.

I can’t believe that he calls me holy.

I can’t believe that I can boldly come to grace’s throne.

The litany of my regrets and mistakes are clear under my magnifying glass. But what if I were to step back and look at my mistakes through the magnifying glass of grace. Could I believe the truth that says I am forgiven? Could I believe that I am worthy?

I think so?

But I have to determine to know truth. I have to determine to know God on his terms, not mine. I have to be willing to surrender my ideas of truth for his truth. I have to be willing to remove my critical magnifying glass from my life and replace it with his magnifying glass and allow the Holy Spirit to come along and whisper change and acceptance.

I am singing the words of this song to myself.  I am determined to know Truth. I am determined to know Christ in order to know his truth. I hope you will join me.

 3 months ago0007:41Dara Maclean – Blameless – How He Loves

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