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the importance of numbering our days

number days

If we’re not careful our days and years can vanish like dandelion fuzz, and we wonder what we have to show for it. We experience seasons of flourishing and seasons of dormancy and each gives us the same opportunity: to grow in wisdom.

I have learned that I need to be willing to be reflective in the varying seasons and filter every lesson through the lens of God’s word in order to grow in wisdom.  A season I have been in for quite a while is home educating our four children. I’m in the double digits now and I definitely know I haven’t got it all figured out, but there have been some lessons I’ve learned along the way that have served me well and made me a better wife, mom, and teacher.

This article is my top five tips for the homeschooling mama, but really? I think they’re applicable to almost any areas in life. I hope you will be blessed by it and see how these five tips can apply to your life as you experience your varied seasons of life.




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