To Remain in Him–a Prayer for Your Heart

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A Prayer for Cups to Overflow in Your Life

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A Prayer to Find Joy When Joy is Hard to Find

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A Prayer for Joy When You Need It

A Prayer for Joy     Do you ever feel like joy hides like an elusive toddler? You can hear it laughing, but you can't seem to find it? This week's prayer for joy will help.   Life contains joys and sorrows. It brings us times of sweet fellowship and...

When Your Heart Needs Perspective in the Waiting

There's hope for perspective in the waiting.   My perspective in the waiting gets clouded by my impatience. Waiting. I don't love it. It can make me feel crabby and in the long waits for answers to prayer, it can make me feel hopeless. And hopelessness is a...
A Prayer for Joy When You Need It

A Prayer for Joy When You Need It

A Prayer for Joy



Do you ever feel like joy hides like an elusive toddler? You can hear it laughing, but you can’t seem to find it? This week’s prayer for joy will help.


Life contains joys and sorrows. It brings us times of sweet fellowship and bitter loneliness. And sometimes these happen all in the same day!


Discovering joy, holding joy, and experiencing joy. We long for it. And it rests simultaneously with our sorrows and disappointment.


We can know joy even when we know pain because joy is a fruit that God’s spirit grows within us. And holding onto it in the midst of difficulties takes place when we turn out eyes to the Lord, set our hearts on him, and hold fast to courage.



“The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

Some thoughts


This verse hangs on a piece of art in my home. I walk by it multiple times a day, but it’s easy to let the assurances of it flow off my heart rather than into my heart. But if we were to let the truths it contains simmer in our hearts, joy wells up within.


God is with us. In the fire, in the rain, in the sun, and in the beauty in our lives.


He saves with might. His strength is directed towards us to save, not to harm, not to disappoint, but to help.


He delights in us. Not because he’s God and he should, but because he wants us. He wants you and me to know the delight he has for us.


His love quiets our hearts. Our inner worlds of worry and concerns, doubts and fears stirs up anxiety cyclones in our thoughts. But his love quiets us so we rest assured in his presence and love.


He sings over us. He rejoices because of us. This truth arrests me in my tracks because I don’t feel worthy to be sung over. I know my weaknesses and tendencies and I believe I’m worthy to be chastised, not sung over.


But this is grace and mercy in action. Let’s open our hands and in humility receive it the joy God longs to give us.

The Prayer for Joy


Holy God,

We praise your name and give you glory! You are with us and mighty to save. We need you now, right in the middle of our life’s stuff, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let us rest in you as you quiet our hearts and doubts. You are good and your kindness and mercy is forever.

May you be so very real to us in this moment and let us hear your song for us. As you delight in us, we delight in you and know joy. Joy is your gift to us, to carry us through the sorrows and pains, to hold us together when we face our darkest nights. You are our joy and we rejoice because of who you are.

We love you and give you glory and honor and all praise. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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When Your Heart Needs Perspective in the Waiting

When Your Heart Needs Perspective in the Waiting

There’s hope for perspective in the waiting.


My perspective in the waiting gets clouded by my impatience. Waiting. I don’t love it. It can make me feel crabby and in the long waits for answers to prayer, it can make me feel hopeless. And hopelessness is a desperate place to be.


But what happens when the things of life drag us down to depths we never dreamed we would reach? What happens when hope seems as distant as the faintest star in the night sky? What happens when we lose our perspective in the waiting?


It’s easy to get stuck in a disbelieving cycle that God can and will come through for us. In fact, I daresay, it’s a tactic the enemy of our souls uses to isolate us even further. It’s in these moments of doubt that we must turn to the only one who can help us. In fact, we can bring our doubts to him and receive grace. 


This week’s Scripture passage


“We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in you.” Psalm 33:20-22. 


Positioning myself to wait in hope means that I need to recognize that God is my help and that he is working in ways that I cannot see, but I need to trust him. He is your helper. You can trust in him.


Then I need to hide in him–he is my shield. He is your shield. When we hide in him, we go where he wants us to go, and we stay protected from the tactics of the enemy.


One key component to this kind of waiting–the kind that knows hope–is found in rejoicing. We can rejoice because of who God is. He is kind, merciful, full of grace, loving, good, just, faithful. Think about his goodness towards you, remember his faithfulness, rejoice that he rescues you.


This week’s prayer


“Lord Jesus, King of kings, and Lord of lords, we glorify your name. You are most worthy of praise and there is no one like you. Our hearts bear burdens that steal our hope and we need you. We need you to be our hope. As we wait in you let your unfailing love fall upon us. Wrap us in your love like a comforting blanket on a cold and windy day.


You are our help and shield. You are with us, you guide us, and you defend us. May we rest in you, trusting and believing that you are working behind the scenes in ways that we cannot see. If we cannot see your hand at work, help us to trust your heart. You are for us and you never leave us nor forsake us. 


We praise your name and receive your hope. 


In Jesus’ name, Amen.


A Prayer to Release and Experience Peace

A Prayer to Release and Experience Peace



It’s time to release.


What are you gripping?  Do you ever feel like if you let go, you’ll fall into a chasm of hopelessness? There’s a time to fight and hang on for dear life and then there’s a time to release.


And sometimes the release is the best battle strategy we could ever choose. Sometimes the release is what fighting looks like and releasing is when we find our strength.


It’s one of the paradoxes of following Christ. It’s a both/and. It’s both facing the battle and releasing. You can stand firm on your battlefield and still choose to release. But what do we release?


We release our thanksgiving, our praise, our remembrance of who God is and what he has done. That’s how we battle.


We release our control and perceived outcome on how God should move in our situation. That’s how we know peace and hope.


The following scripture passage is taken from 2 Chronicles 20. The verses I share here are only a small part of the greater story and I hope you’ll open your Bible and read the full chapter. First, they stood, and then they released.


Stand and Release


“After consulting the people, Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord and praise him for the splendor of his holiness as they went out at the head of the army, saying: ‘Give thanks to the Lord, for his love endures forever.” As they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes against the men of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir who were invading Judah, and they were defeated.” 2 Chronicles 20:21-22


Enemies take different forms. They can be people, but they can take shape through our insecurities, our doubts, and even our thoughts. But God. He transforms, he renews, he holds us close, and he never fails.


Let’s release today. Release what? Both praise, worship, thanksgiving and our fears about the future, or our grip on the outcome of our current circumstances.


The Prayer:


Holy God,


We come to you unknowing how you will work things out, but we stand firm in our faith that you love, that you are our refuge, that through you we are strong. And as we stand, we release our praise for your goodness and kindness. That you are great and mighty and oh so gracious. Oh Lord, you are with us, right here, right now. You are in our past, and already in our tomorrows, and we are grateful.


God, we release our angst over our lives and our kids’ lives and the circumstances that we have no control over, but seem to be controlling us. We surrender them to you and we trust you. We know that as we trust, we cannot be shaken, we cannot fail, because you are our rock and refuge. You help, you provide, and you guide.


Lord, as we release we ask that you would move on our behalf and that you would enable us to trust you even when we cannot see you. Holy One, you are mighty and good and filled with inexpressible love for us and we receive you. We believe you and we receive your love.


Let us go into our todays with confidence and face our tomorrows with trust because you are with us.


I love you, Lord and praise you with all that I am. I look to you. You are my everything, In Jesus’ name, Amen.


I pray that this week is a week of release. That you will be set free in ways you never dreamed.


I wrote an article on what it means to have a gentle and quiet spirit. If you’d like to read it, you can find it here.


May Lord bless you as the sun rises and sets and may you know the light of his face as he looks at you,





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