Friends, A disclaimer:


I do not presume to claim that I have marriage figured out. But I do claim that with God at the center, he is able to guide us through. I know that marriage is a beautiful hard. It’s beautiful because it’s a picture of God and his church. It’s hard because it’s two imperfect humans on the road to sanctification.


I’ve joined 29 other bloggers at Tiffany Montgomery’s blog for a month long series on marriage. Women will be sharing their snippets of wisdom through their ups and downs of marriage. Friends, it’s good stuff. Your heart will be touched.


The Best Kept Secret Piece of the Marriage Puzzle fb img, Christian Marriage, Biblical Wifehood, Biblical Marriage Resources (Reclaiming Hope & Joy in your Marriage)


Twenty years ago, I (Jessica Van Roekel) brought heavy baggage and high expectations into my marriage. Since then, I’ve discovered that God uses everything to build a marriage that glorifies him. Our strengths, weaknesses, expectations and disappointments all work together to show His Greatness in this marriage puzzle.


Does Marriage Feel like a puzzle?

We had differing expectations and ways to solve problems.  We were determined to build our marriage following different “puzzle box tops.” Once we surrendered control to God, we learned that God was creating a new puzzle.

  • God threw out the pieces that didn’t fit.
  • He refitted things
  • Tossed new pieces into the puzzle

And waited until we relinquished a cherished puzzle piece to create a beautiful masterpiece.

The Mystery Puzzle Piece….read more here







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