try hard life is blind

I have blind eyes. Not the eyes that see the snow falling and melting on a day in May. Or see the way the blackbird’s head shimmers like teal taffeta, but my heart eyes are blind and, probably, yours are too.


We see mountains and think we’ve got to move them. We see loss and feel we can’t acknowledge our pain. We screw up and look for something or someone to blame.


Our eyes are blinded by our perception of life and love.


“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.” Ephesians 1:18


Without knowing God as love and resting in the fact that his crazy, impassioned love is directed towards us, we will falter. We will fail. We will stay stuck in the cycle of the try-harder kind of life.


But the try-harder kind of life isn't the transformed kind of life. It is a blind kind of life. Click To Tweet


That’s what grace is for. It’s to transform us. Grace isn’t there to pat us on the head and let us live in our sin and filth. It’s there to transform us into a truer reflection of God himself. Grace helps us to lay self down and guides us to live a Spirit-led life.


But that blindness? The blindness of the heart? It prevents us from seeing how God works all things for our good and his glory.


So our mountains may actually be a place to meet with God. Our storms may be just the thing needed to sweep the landscape of our heart clean. The fire might be what’s needed to burn the dross away.


But sometimes I don’t want to see that the pain I’m experiencing is for my benefit or the swirling and twirling unsettledness is for my good. And so I go blind. I become blind to seeing how God is working and moving. I fail to look for him in my circumstances. I fail to see that He is only good. Then I dismiss the revelation that He is only light, and when I choose to look at just the darkness, that’s all I see.


God is love. He is light. But we sometimes cannot see this because our pain supersedes the truth. Our circumstances overshadow his love. We make God small in our eyes and our circumstances large.


Then we can no longer see his love.


But it doesn’t have to stay this way. We don’t have to stay in the place of heart blindness. We can see love because God is love and if we ask, he will open our eyes to see it. His love transforms. His love causes repentance and redemption.


Imagine? That mountain, that fire, that trial? Imagine looking at it with eyes wide open to the hope and love that’s yours in God. Does it look a little different? Can you look at it and not feel abandoned by God, but wrapped up in his love?


It’s a daily battle–this battle for sight. But the peace that comes when we can see his love and know his love brings a sense of security and safety that carries us through darkness.





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