It’s one of those emotions that I try to avoid at all costs. Desperation reeks of humiliation. If I’m desperate for something then I have to embrace/admit the truth that I don’t know everything. I have to accept the fact that I cannot do something on my own.  Hmm….shouldn’t I already know this? I like to be good at what I’m good at and leave it at that. But it’s those times when I try something new and have a good experience, which in turn reveals that all of a sudden I am in over my head and I want to back pedal and I find that there is no way back, but only the way through. It’s times like these that I am desperate.

Desperate to not look like the fool.  Desperate to impress. Desperate that I won’t. Desperate to not fail. Desperate to know the outcome. Desperate.

It’s a state of mind and heart I try to avoid.


What if?

What if I have it all wrong? What if desperation is actually a good thing?

What if desperation positions my heart to receive the power of Christ in my life?

Multiple times this week the Lord has brought the story of  ‘a dead girl and a sick woman’ to mind. It is found in three out of the four gospels. Matthew 9:18-26, Mark 5:21-42, and Luke 8:40-55 if you would like to read it.

These passages showcase two very different people. We have the woman–‘unclean’, isolated, bereft of physical touch, broke, bearing the burden to announce her uncleanness wherever she went to protect the integrity of other’s cleanness. Then we have the man–synagogue ruler, wealthy, respected, keeper of the rules, and well-known.

Two different people from two very different walks of life yet they shared a desperation. Each was desperate for Jesus.

In their desperation they received.  They received life from Jesus.

Sustaining life.

Physical life.

Emotional life.

Spiritual life.

Could it be that what matters most in Kingdom Economy is desperation, not position or lack thereof, but a desperation for God himself?

This is desperation that we should never be ashamed of. This should be desperation that we cultivate. This desperation is life-giving desperation. Desperation for God himself.

I am desperate. I am desperate for God to come into my circumstance. God is attracted to a humble heart and if my heart is desperate then I come to him in humility, eyes open waiting to see him move, arms open to receive whatever he wants me to receive, and finally to have my desperation met.

Until I am desperate again.




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