Two people can be looking at the same scene and see very different things. Why is this? I think it’s partially due to personality, temperament, worldview, and life experiences. Having different opinions about the state of the country, the state of the kitchen, the state of the church, whether summer is better than winter or if hotels are better than bed and breakfasts is what makes conversation interesting. And fiery!

However, there is the human perspective and the God perspective. The longer I follow God and his ways, the more I see that his perspective is very different than mine and the more I know God’s heart the more I trust his perspective. And the more I long for his perspective.

You see, I will think the bad things that happen to me are a result of something I did wrong or some secret sin I have in my heart. Or I see bad things as not really God’s will for me, it’s merely the consequence of someone else’s choice that spilled over into my life. Or he allows them because he ‘won’t give me more than I can handle’. Really?

All I see is right now. All I see is my life, at this moment. I cannot see past this moment. I cannot see into the future. I can’t even see the past.

But God can.

Are desert times His will? I wish I could say ‘no’, but then I read how Jesus was led by the Spirit to the desert. Hmm…if Jesus could be led into the desert by the Spirit, and Jesus is the son of God, who am I to think that I wouldn’t be led into the desert?

Are sufferings His will? Wouldn’t it be nice to say ‘no’? But then I read how Jesus suffered and died and how I am to be like him in his sufferings.

Will God not give us more than we can handle? Umm….than why would we need him? When would we learn to rely on Him? When would we experience his power in our lives?

God’s perspective is very different than mine. I would love to try and explain away the bad things that happen in my life or justify them or blame them on someone else and play the victim. What if I stopped it and just stood with my hands open and accepted whatever came my way and focused on God and His goodness and unchanging nature rather than focusing on what I wish didn’t just happen?

What could happen if, as a church, we all stopped trying to explain away our circumstances and started giving glory to God because he is God? We would see a revival sweep across our nation and world. We would see Jesus-followers living in victory and joy despite our circumstances.

We would see His perspective. We would see God.



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