Grace. It’s one of those concepts that my brain starts to slowly get a grasp on and then ‘poof!’ it vanishes and I am left scrambling around in the dusty closets of my brain searching for that elusive understanding of grace. I am notorious for putting papers or items someplace ‘safe’ and usually they are truly safe because I forget where I put them. That’s really why I subscribe to the stacking method of organization–stacks you can move around, but don’t really have to put away. Hence, the important things are somewhere, oh, about 2/3’s ¬†down that one stack over there. I know where things are in stacks. I wish grace were like that. I wish grace was something I put in a stack and know exactly where it is.

I am beginning to realize that grace isn’t merely an intellectual concept to wrestle, nor is it something I bring out when I need it, but it must be lived to understand. Each day I welcome grace into my world, I learn a little more about grace. Each time I extend grace to someone else, I learn a little more what it looks like, but if I am truly trying to live an authentic life then somehow I must learn to welcome grace into my own life. I must learn to extend grace to me, not merely to other people.

I find it easier to extend grace to other people–at least outwardly–my heart is another matter. I find it difficult to extend grace to myself. I find recriminations more natural. But I am called, and you are called to live super-naturally. In the strength of God-in the grace of God. I want to explore what this looks like–join me?

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